Freelancing platform with a redesigned approach

User dashboard
Cryptocurrency wallet
Job board
Fund protection with smart contracts integration
Active messaging between users
Invite system for new users with added revenue sharing feature
Shareworking space that presents intuitive virtual working environment
Automation of payments when both parties agree upon
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Fully functional exchange for cryptocurrencies

User registration and dashboard
Cryptocurrencies / fiat deposit and withdraw
User exchange between supported cryptocurrencies
User invite system with revenue sharing feature
Smart contract forwarder between Ethereum wallets
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VALUS - Digitalization of real assets

In-house ongoing project
Increasing authenticity, value, safeness and trust towards the trademark
Blockchain-based web and mobile app application
Company administration panel
Creating a unique smart contract for each item separately
Verification of item through the mobile application
End Customer data generation.
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Customized web platform that simulates production process

User dashboard
Ethereum wallet input or creation of new one
Ethereum balance blockchain explorer
Gamified investing features
"Blockchain grade” security of your assets
Periodic cryptocurrency funds lookup
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Spinner casino game with unique features

Rapid betting using cryptocurrencies
More than mobile friendly
Records of bets on the Ethereum blockchain
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Web administrator platform and Android tablet app for driving schools/ agencies.

Valus development team project on-boarding in beta phase
Correction of various development bugs/errors
Implementation of new analytics features and numerous in-depth functionality’s
Active project - cooperation in progress
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PeaceGarden Web Store

Simple and easy to use web store
Admin panel for adding items and checking orders
Integration of different payments
Thoughtful user analytics
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All sustainable and green products in one place
Custom web platform with modular “per case” scraping features.
Integration of automated listing and correcting of products from numerous different web stores.
Comprehensive administrator interface
Custom tracking and analytics.
Responsive design
Scalable cloud infrastructure - Kubernetes and hosting on Digital Ocean.
Active project - cooperation in progress
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Web Calculation tool for specific industry needs

Partnered project with PointOut agency
Integration of specific fields with instant feedback
Custom PDF creation for each calculation
Responsive and modern design
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